Praise Report Schiedam Service WIN-NL, September 14, 2014 (Rihard Pasaribu)

Post date: Sep 17, 2014 6:50:56 AM

Back from Holiday

Greetings to all of you… Yes, I am back with Praise Report series. After the holiday period, it is time to get back to you with lots of story and blessings. I hope all of you have enjoyed good summer break and fully recharged. If you have stories about your holiday that you would like to share, please send it to WIN-Connect crew, and will publish it. I do have one story. We enjoyed holiday this time by renting an apartment without internet connection. Our children were complaining that there was no internet connection in the holiday house, but in the end, we all enjoy it because we really spend time together as a family without internet coming in between us. It was really a good family time, without internet. Dare to try?

Sunday Service

This Sunday our service was opened with worship time lead by sister Jove. We enjoyed worshiping the Lord together. I am really blessed by the song, Happy Day. The lyrics of the song goes like this, “greatest day in history, death is beaten, you have rescue me, sing it out, JESUS IS ALIVE, HE’S ALIVE….. Happy Day, You washed my sins away….”. Indeed because Jesus is alive, we should celebrate and be happy in life because God has washed our sins away… do you know that?

Brother Nico was sharing to us about baptism and laying of hands. Laying hands means confirmation of God’s calling, confirming gift, bestowing blessings and prayer for healing (Acts 8:14-17; I Tim 4:14; Gen 48:14-16; Mark 16:18). I encourage you to practice laying of hands to bless others as well as to pray for your or someone else healing.

As always, we closed our service with fellowship together.

If you missed the service today, please know that we really wish that you were there. God loves you and we do too, and we love to see you again in Church. Please let the crew know if you need prayer or support, and see you next week in Church.

Jokes of the week

A man in the south of Holland dig at the back of his house 100 m deep and found a pair of copper, about more than 200 years old copper wire. He reported it to the newspaper saying our grand grand grand father knew and has used electricity and telephone even 200 years ago. Of course the people in the north of Holland would like to find out if their grand grand grand father knew the same. After digging up to 200 m deep they did not find anything. Curious, they continued by diffing up to 500 m deep still they did not find any sign of copper wire. They are apparently happy and report to the same newspaper that their grand grand grand father is cleverer because they knew wifi long time ago because they did not need copper wire.

God Bless You!!

Win-Connect Team