Praise Report Schiedam Service WIN-NL, June 15, 2014 (Rihard Pasaribu)

Post date: Jun 16, 2014 7:14:29 AM

Fathers Day Celebration

Brothers and Sisters, we thank God that we had a wonderful celebration of fathers day during our Schiedam Service. We praise the Lord for our fathers and all the things that we have learned from them. I know that you love your father, but if you have bad experience with your earthly father, you should know that our Lord Jesus Christ will always be our Father that will never hold your mistakes against you, but see you as his children that he loves and cannot wait to see you come to Him so that He can hug you, kiss you and celebrate life with you.

Our service in Schiedam started with worship lead by Sis. Susy Pasaribu. We enjoyed worshipping and praising the Lord, proclaiming His fatherhood in our lives. Afterwards, Bro. Mark, Sis. Debora and Sis. Mimi gave testimonies about how they had received blessings and answered prayers. Bro. Mark testified about the restoration of his relationship with his father and he thanked God for the permanent contract that his employer offered him. Congrats Mark….We praise the Lord for this answered prayer. Followed by the testimony of Sis. Debora about their great experience during the EO Jongerendag. We thank God for Bro. Jan and Sis. Rhea who have coordinated our youth to join this event. Sis. Debora continue her testimony about her conversation with Danielle regarding the existence of God. It is beautiful that God confirm His existence by sending them a simple sign, a butterfly come and rest of sis. Danielle, out of more than 20 thousands people attending the event, the butterfly choose Danielle, a confirmation that God heard their conversation. Sounds simple, but you know, this confirmation gave them courage to believe that God exist. Sis. Mimi continues the testimony time by telling her experience of how God has miraculously heal her from pain she experienced. God is the God who heals, she received her healing and praises God for his miraculously heal her.

Friends, we encourage everyone to give testimony during our services. There are so many things to thank God with. You do not need to wait for “big” blessings, cause there is no such big blessings, all the blessings that God gives are special and specific to everyone, do you have blessings you would like to share, do not hold it for yourself, come forward and bless and encourage others with your testimony.

After the testimony, our mothers gave a song offering, titled “Who Am I”. We thank God for our mothers who sang beautifully this song for declaring how God chose and loves us. Of course, our children have special videos made for their fathers. Wanna know the video? Check out our facebook account J

Our service was made complete by the preaching given by Bro. Nico on the relationship between Husband and Wife. He elaborated the role of the father to communicate (Genesis 31:3-5), protect (Numbers 30: 3-5), teach his children (Proverbs 22:6), and to explain the words to his wife (Proverbs 13:24). He closed the preaching by the great responsibility the fathers have, so please pray for your fathers to be able to do his responsibilities responsibly. If you miss this preaching, you can we could send you the slides outlining the preaching given by Bro. Nico.

In the end of our service, as always, people enjoy the food and the presence of each other.

If you miss our service today, you must know that we miss you too. You know that God loves you and we love to see you again in church so that we can share our thanksgiving by praising and worshipping Him. We pray for you that God will always direct your path, and we can not wait for Sunday to come to be together again worshipping Him, so do miss our next service, cause we miss you J

As we run our lives this week, please continue to be a source of blessings wherever you go… know today that God knows what we face and rest assure, He made all things work together for good to those who loves Him. If you do not know with what you would like to bless you friends this week, give them your very best smile….

This week, on Thursday at 21.00 we will have our SKYPE prayer, so if you have time, join us in this prayer time, we love to have you connected. Just search for Rihard Pasaribu in SKYPE and I will connect you. If you have your care group activity this week, we pray that you will learn from each other about the word of God and share your life to each other….and only that, if you have time this Saturday at 19.00, you are very much invited to our worship together in our Schiedam church. What shall we do during our worship together? Singing, worshipping Him and sharing the book, Extravagant Worship written by Darlene Zschech. Come and be blessed.

Enjoy your week brothers and sisters, can not wait to see you again in one or more of our activities this coming days…

For now, stay connected and may the holy-spirit gives you wisdom in every step of your life.

God bless you and see you soon….

Rihard Pasaribu