Praise Report Schiedam Service WIN-NL, July 19 and 20, 2014 (Rihard Pasaribu)

Post date: Jul 22, 2014 7:54:39 AM

Good morning Brothers and Sisters,

Praise Report

Hello everyone... I am back with the praise report. It is good to be back. I hope this week praise report will bless you. As you know, WIN Connect is reader supported network of ours. So, this means, everyone is invited to share, particularly your testimonies about God's grace. Do not wait, if you have testimonies that you want to share through our WIN-Connect, send your written testimony to the WIN-Connect crew, and we will post-it.

So, stay tune, be expectant of what God is going to do in your life and be blessed.

(Reporter: Rihard Pasaribu)

Last week

All of you are aware of the MH 17 news. This is a very sad news to everyone around the world. I was having Lunch in a restaurant when the news broke. The food that I enjoyed was very nice till we heard the news, and I finish the food without taste anymore because of the sadness. This is really tragic.

Brothers and sisters, there is no safe place on this planet earth. Therefore, if you and/or your family members, friends, someone you know is traveling, pray for God's mercy and protection. In church for instance, please let your leaders know that you are traveling for vacation or business trips, because as a congregation we want to pray for your protection as well.

For your information, two of our pastors, pastora Ching and pastora Susie were in London to attend summer school in London School of Theology. This is a great opportunity for pastors to be recharged again. So, we are looking forward to hear their testimonies and share the blessings to us. Pray for their safe traveling back to Netherlands as well.

Schiedam Sunday Service, July 20

This Sunday our praise and worship time was lead by Sis. Susy Pasaribu. The songs and worship time were refreshing. I particularly was touch by the songs Oceans of Hillsong. The songs chorus goes like this, .... and I will call upon Your Name, keep my eyes above the waves, when oceans rise, my soul will rest in Your embrace, for I am yours and you are mine...This song, really is an expression of surrendering your live to God. Rest in God's embrace as he knows the best for our lives. Try to access this song through YouTube and be blessed.

We are blessed to welcome two visitors from WIN Barcelona and WIN London, and thank you everyone who come and make this Sunday a beautiful Sunday.

There are four testimonies given during our service. Sis. Cora started the testimonies time declaring that God is a good God. The doctor was worried when her health was examined. But Sis. Cora stayed in faith and know that He is a good God. Sis. Cora testify that the first report from the doctor was nullified as the latest results appear to be negative. She continues declaring that God knows us perfectly and He knows us inside out so, God who make us definitely know how to heal us. God is indeed good. Second testimony came from Sis. Priscilla. She testified about her last year internship which was not so successful. This year, with the grace of God, she completed her internship in a good way and she even get offer to have a summer job in the place she performed her internship. She thank God for those who has support and pray for her. Later on, Sis. Ning testified how God put in her heart a desire to have a prayer and evangelisation ministry. God provided two prayer partners that have similar burden with her. This is amazing that God make this possible. We thank God for the desire that God has put in Sis. Ning's heart. So if you have similar desire for prayer and evangelisation ministry, why don't you give a shout to sis. Ning and join her. Before preaching time, sis. Sayril testified how God has open the way for her to reconcile with her family in the Philippines. God made the way for her after a long time of difficult personal situation with her family. We pray that God continue His work in her family and fully restore their relationship as families.

The word was shared by me. The preaching is based on Proverbs 17 and 18, focusing on how you should end an argument. Argument is healthy as long as it is ended with peace and growth in mind, otherwise, it is like a leak in a dam waiting for a "bang". In an argument, choose you words correctly, do not be silent and ask the right questions. Do not make assumption but clarify with the right questions because assumption is right until it is proven wrong. So therefore, next time you have an argument/tough discussion have this in your mind, peace and growth. Settle it in peace and look for growth potential at the end of the argument. Want to know more? Of course we wish that you were there or at least connected through our live streaming channel. But if you are willing to know more, please contact the WIN NL crew, we can send you the outline of the preaching.

As always, we never close our service without having good food fellowship where everyone could stay a little while after the service, get connected with others and share your lives and stories.

Brothers and Sisters, we pray that this praise report will be a blessings to you. And you know what? We pray for you everyday that so that we could be worshipping God together in one of our services. So, please be invited and taste again the overflowing joy, love and blessings in our services. If you have prayer request or consultation, contact the crew, they will connect you to one of our pastors to pray for you and counsel you.

Let me close this praise report by declaring protection of God to be with you wherever you go. Know and rest assure today, that God who loves you so much will send His angels to go with you and guard you in every steps of your live and your love ones.

Stay tuned for more blessings... God Bless...

Rihard Pasaribu