Praise Report Schiedam Service WIN-NL, June 21 and 22, 2014 (Rihard Pasaribu)

Post date: Jun 25, 2014 10:54:00 AM

Praise Report

Worship together, Saturday, June 21, 2014

On Saturday, June 21, we hold worship together gathering in our church in Schiedam. This was a great time to worship God together and learn from each other about extravagant worship. We sang and enjoyed two songs, Unmerited favor and heart of worship. These two songs remind us about the fact that it is not what you have done that justify you before the Lord but what Jesus endured at the Cross that that made us come to worship him. Further the song titled heart of worship brings us back to put God as the center of our worship. We all have a nice time giving thanks and worshipping Him. We continued to discuss chapter I of the book written by Darlene Zcech titled Extravagant Worship. We are all blessed with this book. Just to give you some delight, chapter I of the book talk about the fact that worship is our life style where He, Jesus, becomes the center of our life. Extravagant worship in simple words means we do more than we normally do in our relationship with and worship to our beloved God. Want to know more? Come and join us next time J, i.e. The third saturday in July. We love to worship the Lord together with you and be sure that God is pleased with you today because you at least put time to read this praise report :) and we could not wait to welcome you to our worship together service. Stay blessed and stay connected. – Rihard Pasaribu –

Praise Report, Sunday Schiedam Service, June 22, 2014

Our Youth band opened our service in Schiedam on Sunday, June 22. It was great having them leading us into worship praising God. Keep it up youth…

We have three new visitors coming to join us this Sunday, for which we are grateful to God, and as always, we welcome them with typical WIN NL huggss..

This time we have three testimonies. Bro. Jan testified how blessed he was having to witness many youth publicly proclaiming their faith in front of many people in the congregation they visited as part of the baptism service they attended for their family members. Further, Bro Jan express their thanksgiving of enjoyable and blessed time together with the youth during the EO Jongerendag. Myself testify how God could arrange me easily met an important person during a conference after a few unsuccessful attempt to be in the line to met him. God could arrange the divine time and connection to each and everyone of us, so keep on your faith, the divine time will come. Sis. Revathi testified the great things God has done in her wedding. Her husband was Moslem, now Christian, and Sis. Revathi was Hindu, now Christian, are determined to follow their faith to register their marriage in their city hall. God has been helping them in arranging everything and protecting hem from the many ways people tried to stop their wedding. God has amazingly put everything in order, He protected them from harm and have given them so much joy and peace. While writing this praise report, I am thinking, we should promote this testimony to a Christian movie director, as the story truly has touched me and I am sure has blessed many people who heard this testimony. We pray that God will continue His mighty work in this young couple in their family life. Next time you will meet Sis. Revathi, do not forget to congratulate her….

Sis. Liza gave the words on loving God with all your heart. Matthew 6:21, where your treasure is, there your heart will be. It is a great verse that Sis. Liza encourages us to remember by heart. As you treasure God in your heart, our affections is made to God and that is the time you will be able to love God with all your heart.

Finally, we close our gathering with blessings and as always, good food, good talk, good laugh and good time together.

It is great to get together giving thanks to what God has done in our lives. If you have enjoyed our service, come again to enjoy and taste the love, grace and mercy of our God by corporately worshipping Him. If you miss our Service, we just would like to let you know, we miss you so much as well… You know that we pray that God will make a way for you to come and join us again. We pray that there will come a Sunday that all of us could not wait for Sunday to come so that we could enjoy the gentle holy spirit touch during our services…so stay tune, be connected and expect the good things God has in store for us. Cannot wait to see you again in our services… -- Rihard Pasaribu --

God Bless You!!