Praise GOD. When I first came to the Netherlands, I was looking for a church on the internet. For one month I did not find a church convincing to me. As I prayed, I found WIN-NL website. The Beliefs and Values given in the website explained its mission and vision which was centered in JESUS CHRIST. I decided to visit the Sunday service.

On the first day itself I felt so blessed by the sermon given by Pastor Rihard. There was presence of the HOLY SPIRIT and during the alter call, many prayer request were prayed for by the pastors.

Every one of the congregation were friendly. I am from India and though the church is Filipino-based, they welcomed all nationalities with GODly love. I knew that day that this is the church GOD led me to.

It is now 2 years and GOD has still kept me here. In these 2 years I have witnessed so many testimonies from the congregation. Healing from major diseases, financial problems, GOD has answered the prayers. There is Grace upon Grace and HIS blessings are upon this church. Truly GOD is at work. GOD bless.


" We moved to the Netherlands in end 2012 for work from Singapore and it was definitely a big move across different continents; and needless to say everything was different in any way one would not imagine. As months progressed and we finally settled down; we decided to look out for a church which we could go to and continue worshiping the Lord.

Not having any friends or family, we found through the Internet, WIN Utrecht and surprised to find that there was so much similarity about the church as one would find back home in Singapore; and since then we have been going there on a regular basis. It's a pleasant surprise to have found this gem of a church in the Netherlands!! Praise the Lord indeed."

Nick & Sze