Utrecht Church Choir Festival: June 21 2013

posted Jun 6, 2013, 7:24 AM by WordNL WIN   [ updated Nov 25, 2015, 4:51 AM ]
So many tongues, united in faith
Choirs and singing groups from eight churches of different cultural backgrounds will perform during the Kerkennacht (Church night) in Utrecht during a unique festival in the Pniëlkerk. They will display the great cultural diversity that is present in Christianity in the Netherlands. from gospel to hymn, from piano to percussion: You can hear it all during this evening-filling programme that the eight churches have composed together. Besides Dutch and English, you will hear Filipino, Indonesian, Egyptian and Kinyarwanda songs. The cultural diversity will not only be heard but can also be tasted because the church members will bring home-made food.
This multi cultural musical event is the result of increasing contact between 'white' protestant churches and the many migrant churches in Utrecht. Across cultural boundaries, they want to form a community for God that incldues eveyone.
19.00 – 19.05 opening by presenters Diana Purba and Simon de Kam
19.05 – 19.30 Word International Ministries (Filipino church) Taal: Filipino and English
19.30 – 19.55 PERKI Utrecht (Indonesian church): Indonesian and Dutch
20.05 – 20.30 Reflection interchurch gospelgroup: English and Dutch.
20.30 – 20.55 Armenian church Huis van God: Armenian and English
21.05 – 21.30 Power of Prayer Ministries from Gorinchem led by Willy Gakmakuza: Kirundi and Kinyarwanda
21.30 – 21.55 Life Word Christian Centre: drama, two solo songs, special dance: Ghanese, English and Dutch
22.05 – 22.30 Encuentro con Dios: Spanish
22.30 – 22.55 Koptic church: Koptic and Egyptian
22.55 Closing

When: June 21, 2013
Time: 19:00 - 23:00
Where: Pniel kerk, Lessinglaan 33, Utrecht
Contact: Simon de Kam, e-mail: s.de.kam@pkn.nl/06-21565051